Seize Your Power


Sculptor Tim Holmes has always been inspired by the resilience and creativity of the human spirit. His art often focuses on the aspirations, sufferings and triumphs of the people around us who made terrible sacrifices to stand up for their dignity.

Returning the Nails becomes a symbol for a person’s refusal to abandon their moral dignity in the face of overwhelming inhumane power. Maybe you won’t change the world, but you will reclaim your power.

Returning the Nails is as yet two bronze sculptures, the first two images in a series of three, The first, called Conviction is more accusatory, where Mary is full of the fury of violation.

Second in the series is Endurance, which is about her resilience in the face of unutterable torment. Her expression actually changes as you move around the figure. 

The final sculpture in the series is to be entitled Forgiveness. In the artist’s words, “I have not yet found the courage within myself to create this image, but I am working on that aspect of the evolution of my soul, but I have hope that this too will come.”


Returning the Nails™ Movement


Returning the Nails: Conviction
Returning the Nails: Conviction; Ht: 14 in.
Returning the Nails
Returning the Nails: Endurance; Ht. 23 in.


Simon the Hammerman
Simon the Hammerman, oil.
I Shot an Angel by Mistake
I Shot an Angel by Mistake, bronze
Singing Into Wings, bronze
Grief of the Women
Grief of the Women, ink
Democratic Hope
Democratic Hope, pencil


Perhaps you’ve had the experience of having your tiny individual voice subsumed by some great, unfeeling institution or person who wields a violent force greater than anything you can call to bare. You’ve been bulldozed by some monster –– the state, some military power, even a powerful individual –– that takes no account of you as a person but treats you like a disposable object. Now is the time to take the upper hand. Send a card in protest. Your dignity is second to none. 

Most of us feel that our vote –– and for the lucky, our spending habits –– are about the only voice we have to address social issues. But each of us has our human dignity, a simple God-given gift that can never be overcome by any power on earth. The Returning the Nails Movement encourages individuals who feel powerless to use the strength of their personal dignity to rise above the spectacular but ultimately flaccid display of violence used to force them against their better judgment. They can take your stuff, your health, even your very life; but they cannot take your dignity!


A person with a gun declares that they are the only one that matters. That is never true. No one matters more than everyone else. It is tragic that an intelligent, free society has no way of preventing an angry person with a gun from killing as many as they can before they are stopped. The one thing they cannot deny and cannot kill is an individual’s dignity.



What can one small person do in the face of a civilization that appears unable to prevent the destruction of the very natural world that we all need to survive? One simple thing is to appeal to the human beings that run the great machines that grind nature into money across the world. A machine will never listen to your tiny plea. But a human being just might. Send a card.



Though it is mainly a woman’s tragedy, no one is safe from sexual assault. Here is a simple means of seizing your dignity by declaring to your assaulter that despite their cruelty and violence, despite their greed, you own your body. You have not been overcome! 



“Government of the people, by the people, for the people” is not just a pretty phrase Lincoln gave us, but a vision for the human future. People across the world long for self-rule, free from tyranny. We all wish to direct our own future. Those who step up to place their bodies before the forces of central control can return the nails that hold us down. Even the most entrenched earthly authority cannot overcome our quest for freedom.



If you wish, we invite you to choose among the designs offered here (for free) and print out a card or any number of cards for you to mail to parties that have violated your dignity in some way.

Simply declaring to your abuser that your moral authority cannot be overcome with money or power is a healing balm.

Cards can include a written statement you can print or not as you wish.

In either case, you can add your own story, address to the person who most needs to hear it and move into your future secure in your moral dignity.

Corporate Harvest
Corporate Harvest, ink.